The CRO.CAFE Podcast is an interview-driven show that gives you honest conversations on CRO, experimentation, user research and digital marketing from the people that live it. Through humor, grace and grit, Guido and his guests give you the tools, insights and motivation you need for your daily CRO grind.


To create a world where having a great user experience is the norm and where we have an open, healthy and powerful CRO ecosystem.


Employees need to make (more) business decisions based on actual customers behavioral data. This is done by moving away from gut-feeling decisions, using qualitative and quantitative research and embracing experimentation and validation practices throughout organizations.

The CRO.CAFE advances and empowers the global CRO community and ecosystem through an open exchange of ideas, education, and thought leadership. We bring you the world's stories on innovation & experimentation and make it universally accessible and useful.


Guido studied Applied Cognitive Psychology in Utrecht, The Netherlands and worked in E-commerce and optimization since 2008.

In Januari 2019 he started the Dutch version of the podcast, started a movement and here we are :).

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The CRO.CAFE will...

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